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We feel strongly that our other customers are one of the best
ways to understand our service. No matter where you are, or
what products you wish to import to your country, we can
create value by taking care of all your needs, all the time.
Just try us!

Here's what a few of our customers have mentioned about what we do:

"We would really like to thank you and your team for all the assistance provided in making our purchase
so much easier. You made it happen for us and we'd really like you to know how grateful we are.
We look forward to receiving the shipment in transit and look forward to many more orders. Once
again, thank you for your prompt follow up and all assistance provided. You guys rock!"
-  Pay Pay, Malaysia

"A BIG THANK YOU for everything!!!! To Michele and the team at Overseas Operations,

we do appreciate the support and services your company offers to our business.

We hope to receive your support for years to come!"

-  Elaine Singapore

I received all packages - everything was great. Thank you very much for such excellent cooperation.
I decided to use your service again :)”
Patrycja, Poland

"I am very happy to work with you Michelle"
- Toth Csaba, Hungary

"Thanks for your help.  I just wish there were more of you in this world.
You are definitely a can do person."

- Albert, Australia

"Your incredible service continues to impress me!!!!  Thank you so much."
- Karen Highett, Australia

".....that is good news that our order will be with us so soon. I have been most impressed by the service and attention
from Michele and her team. This has been a new experience for me, and [the service] has been very easy and enjoyable
.....we are excited and looking forward to introducing and teaching this lovely hobby (scrap booking)". 
-  June Hewitt, Ireland

".....Michele will probably handle upwards of $ of business for us this year – her role in this being to assist us get the
best pricing and fastest delivery - and she regularly questions my buying and supplier relationships.....................on fill rates,
responsiveness to queries, shipping times and costs/policies etc. In fact it is something I would be very disappointed about if
she didn’t, as this is a significant part of the value she offers us… [and] does so well. [She] has added significantly to our

bottom line, our customer service - as well as overall purchasing experience out of the US, which can be difficult at times".
-  David Roberts, New Zealand

"....since we have contracted with Overseas Operations, we have been able to increase our USA imports 40%. The effective
use of this type of importer is invaluable for the time and trouble we save in putting every product line together...." 
-  Seiji Ozono, Japan

"....this style of exporting is the wave of the future...where a company like Overseas Operations is an extension of our buying
office....making it simple to buy at the right price even small quantities, consolidating them for a full container shipment......" 
-  Doug Sholes, Japan

".....Overseas Operations is making my ability to import too easy...." 
-  Jim Robertson, New Zealand

".....I wish I had thought about this avenue before. Never did I think there was some company out there so flexible as to work
with me to fill all my needs....without buying in container quantities all the time. With their warehouse and packing house, we have
saved lots of dollars and improved our turns at the same time......." 
-  Stacy Stoffer,  Malaysia


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