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Product Sourcing

At Overseas Operations, we utilize multiple resources to find the products you seek. Whether small quantities or containerized loads,
we will secure a competitive price for you so you can obtain the selection necessary to maintain your competitive edge. 

Take a look at just a few of the resources we can utilize today:

Business To Business Resources/Publications
Competitive Comparisons & Recommendations
Direct Manufacturer Links & Purchasing
Distributor/Dealer Setup
Industry Research and Familiarization 
Networking Capabilities
Online Sourcing Venues
Online Purchasing 
Direct Price Negotiation 
Thomas Guide Reference Materials
Trade Magazines & Publications
Trade Shows, Domestic or International
Volume Purchasing / Price Schedule Contracting

And, we can help to secure further discounts and rebates when available:

Business Related Partnership Discounts
Clearance Merchandise Discounts
Co-op Agreements
Credit Card Purchase Rebates
Defective Allowances
First Year Merchandise Discounts
Introductory Shipment / New Store Allowances
Payment Discount Structures
Product Line Buybacks / New Line Introduction
Yearly Volume Rebate Levels

Just how much money are you throwing away? Let us find it for you!

Our intent is to give you value with your decision to use us. No one in existence can provide the intense research and price finding capabilities we have at such a competitive price. The reason? A big company using little bureaucracy to get things done. We seek long term relationships built on trust. We work for you! Let us prove our worth...give us ten lines to pursue....see if you don't agree we can secure a better price for you, a better supplier relationship for the benefit of your firm's profit goals, and average ticket increases you never thought possible. Improve your sales/space ratio with better product lines, plan-o-grams and selection.....with even better fixtures to improve your image!

Try us once! That's all it will take to make a believer of you too!

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