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  Who are we? Just a bunch of fun crazy people doing great work! Family owned, 65 years strong, better than ever!
  Please let us know how we can do better for you. We're partners for success, and we're here for you!

 Seated (L to R): Michelle Mendes, Accounting and Michele McGowan, Owner
(L to R): Bill Mackenzie, Rosario Espinoza, Jayden Pasha, Shelly Sanderson, Michael McGowan, Matt Casey  
Not Pictured: Founder Robert Waldeck

Michele McGowan

  So who's the owner you ask? You no doubt have already talked to Michele, export expert extraordinaire,
  workaholic at times, whose goal is to instill heart into every business transaction. Carrying on the tradition
  of good global business done the right way, Michele will find many ways to amaze you with her heart and her
  ethics. Let Michele help you find new ways to expand your product lines and selection, and especially your profits!

Michelle Mendes (also referred to as the "second L")

A cheerful smile and sunny disposition are what you need when you're corralling the money! Michelle does 
  so much more though when it comes to keeping the company organized.  Whether its an invoice you need or an
  invoice that needs to be paid, shes the one to contact.  Also as Overseas Operations girl Friday, she can help you
  find those hard to get items as she works closely with the research and sales teams in growing the business. 
  Next to Michele McGowan, shes always a good starting point if you need further assistance or just interested in getting more info.

Rosario Espinoza
  If you want your answers right away, and want to make sure your goods arrive in excellent shape, Rosario is here
  for you! Rosario is Michele's right hand and specializes in all customers in South Africa and Spain as well as overseeing the ocean
  freight for the entire company. From customer service to savings in getting your products to you, she stands ready to serve.

Jayden Pasha
  Jayden works on many territories such as Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Malaysia and more. Feel free
  to call her anytime and have her practice her accent for each territory! She sings like a canary and does a drop-dead Olivia Newton-John
  impression from Down Under. She excels on finding ways to grow your business, researching your specific needs with the right results!

Shelly Sanderson 
  You cannot miss the smile in her voice when you call. Shelly works on all European Union countries and can dance every dance invented
  in each one. Whether it's the polka, the Basque Wedding Dance or the Tivoli Two Step in Copenhagen, call Shelly to test out her mastery
  of French dialects from Luxemburg, Lichtenstein or Andorra. She's here to help you!

Michael  McGowan
  Mr. Go-To, Michael has joined us recently and has his hands in virtually everything to learn the business quickly. Michael will be assisting
  customers all around the globe in an effort to find better ways to serve your needs and expand the product offerings. Michael is also
  concentrating on the expansion of our knowledge base for manufacturers and suppliers in the USA to assist your every need.

Matt Casey
  Handling all Warehousing, Receiving and Shipping, Matt makes sure the place keeps running like a top. No extra time with Matt as he strives
  to ensure all goods are received in first rate condition, stored until you're ready to ship,
shipped on time....and the one who puts the virtual
  smile in all the boxes you have ordered. His lasting impression will help you understand our entire team effort!

Bill Mackenzie
  Assisting the customers dating back to some of the earliest days of our company, Bill continues to reflect the excellence and ethics of sales
  which the company was founded on. Bill has a unique focus on special interest customers around the world and remains a cornerstone in the
  foundation we have built on.

Robert Waldeck
  Founder Robert Waldeck set the standard when it comes to exporting, beginning over 65 years ago with a vision and lots of determination.
  Still active today, Mr. Waldeck invites you to have fun with your business as a true partner for success with Overseas Operations. Let's work
  together to expand your horizons - and your vision - so you too can enjoy business from all over the world. It is a global community!



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